Your Shoes Got Wet? Don't Fret!

Tips and Tricks on Caring for Wet Leather Shoes.


At some point or another, you'll end up stepping in a puddle or navigating your way in the rain either in trickles or a heavy down pour. Irrespective of how much you prepare, your favourite shoes may get all wet and soaked up. However, do not despair if this happens. The following helpful tips should do the trick.


-Note that the water is bad for your shoes as the leather gets dry and brittle as it dries. You should take your shoes off as soon as you can.

-Use a soft cloth to remove debris.

-Stuff newspaper in your shoes to soak up the moisture. Repeat this every 15 minutes until the moisture is reduced considerably.

-Set the shoes on their sides to dry the soles. At room temperature, if the weather outside is bad, they should dry fairly quickly.

-Ensure that you do not dry the shoes using a direct heat source such as a fire or a blow dryer as this will damage the leather.

-Do not wear the shoes while they are still wet. It may take a couple of days for the shoes to be completely moisture free.


Hope this post has been helpful. Have your shoes been soaked by water or rain? How did you get it dry and cleaned out? Be sure to leave a comment below.



photo credit: fashion by Rona Keller

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